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Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions

This document sets out what you can expect from ADTREX and what your obligations are.

ADTREX accept equipment hire bookings on the following conditions;


  1. Hirer shall mean the person whose name & address appears at the top of the Hire Contract of which these terms and conditions form a part. The hirer must be at least 18 years old. The Hirer accepts full legal liability for all the equipment listed on the hire contract(s) irrespective of whether the equipment is for the Hirer’s personal use, or that of another member of his/her party, booking under the same contract booking number.
  2. Equipment shall mean tents, camping equipment and accessories & any other item(s) hired by the Hirer from ADTREX.

Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

  1. A 20% deposit of the total amount due must accompany the booking for each equipment hire booking. If sending the money by electronic bank transfer, you must pay your fees (remitter) and our fees (beneficiary). Cheques must be made payable in sterling.
  2. Deposits are non-refundable.
  3. The balance remaining after payment of the deposit is due no later than thirty (30) days before the start date of the hire dates.
  4. If the final balance is not received within this time frame, we reserve the right to cancel the equipment hire booking, in which case no refund will be due.
  5. Equipment hire bookings made after the balance due date may be accepted at the discretion of ADTREX providing that the balance is paid in full at the time of booking.
  6. Should you cancel we must be notified in writing (email is acceptable) and charges will apply. Charges are as follows;
    1. More than 30 days before the equipment hire start date = loss of deposit.
    2. Less than 30 days before the equipment hire start date = 50% of total cost.
    3. Less than 7 days before the equipment hire start date = 100% of total cost.
  7. If you have to cancel due to medical reasons, ADTREX will require details of your reason for cancelation along with a supporting letter from a medical professional. In such cases a refund of funds may be paid excluding any reasonable costs incurred by ADTREX.
  8. Without prejudice to the above, ADTREX may in its sole and absolute discretion refund some or all of the expedition programme price to the individual.

Financial Protection

  1. All payments made to ADTREX are held in a trust account in order to protect client’s payments. This allows us to refund you any monies due should ADTREX become insolvent.


  1. The Hirer accepts full liability for the equipment from the time the Hirer receives it from ADTREX or agents, until it is returned to ADTREX.
  2. ADTREX reserves the right to charge the hirer the full replacement cost of such equipment in the event that it becomes damaged, lost or stolen. The charge for replacement will be the current RRP for each item of equipment.
  3. If any piece of equipment is damaged ADTREX will endeavour to repair the equipment before replacing. The cost of repair will be passed to the hirer.
  4. The Hirer will indemnify ADTREX, its employees and or its agents against any claims actions, proceedings, damages and or liabilities arising out of or relating to the Hirers use of the Equipment.
  5. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  6. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage whatsoever arising from the hire unless it arises from our negligent act or omission. You should ensure adequate insurance cover is in place to cover the Equipment until returned to ADTREX.

Hire Period

  • The hire period will be no less than 5 days.
  • We will endeavor to ensure your equipment is with you on the first day of your hire if not earlier however take no responsibility for late arrival due to circumstances outside of our control.
  • Equipment will be returned to ADTREX by 5pm on the last day of the hire period.
  • Late return of equipment will incur an additional hire charge based on the per day hire rates.

Collection/Delivery of Equipment

  1. The Hirer or his/her agent will sign a receipt for the equipment on collection or delivery. By signing, the Hirer or his/her agent acknowledges that they have inspected the equipment & confirms that it is the equipment ordered & that it is in satisfactory working order and condition.
  2. The Hirer will have until 5pm on the second (2nd) day of the hire period to report any damage or deficiencies to the order.
  3. Collection and return by the hirer is free of charge. Delivery and return of Equipment provided by ADTREX will incur an additional charge.


  1. ADTREX will allow the Hirer to change the details of the equipment hire booking once free of charge after you have completed your booking, subject to the equipment still being available. ADTREX will not accept any changes within 7 days of the hire period start date. All amendments must be in writing (email is acceptable).
  2. ADTEX reserves the right to cancel or amend any order no later than 14 days before the hire date.

Product Alternatives

  1. In the event that the booked equipment is not available a like for like product will be provided. Should the Hirer not wish to take the alternative equipment offered, he/she will be entitled to a full refund in respect of the unavailable equipment, however, ADTREX accepts no further liability.

Equipment Use

  1. All Equipment provided by ADTREX will be clean, dry and serviceable. Manufacturer’s instructions will be provided where applicable. If the Hirer is any doubt as to how to use an item of Equipment they should contact ADTREX prior to use.
  2. The Equipment hired may only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Prior to use all equipment should be inspected by the hirer
  4. No smoking is permitted in tents.
  5. The use of any form of stove is not permitted inside tents.
  6. All equipment must be returned in a clean, dry and serviceable condition internally and externally.
  7. When experiencing strong winds the hirer must check all guy ropes are secured properly. In extreme cases of severe wind it may even be necessary to take the tent down until the wind subsides.
  8. You must not sell, rent or dispose of the Equipment or any of its parts. You must not give anyone legal rights over the Equipment.
  9. You must not let anyone work/repair the kit without our permission. If we do give you permission, we will only give you a refund if you have a receipt for the work.
  10. The hired Equipment will arrive in duffel bags for ease of carriage. This is the sole purpose of these bags and are not to be used for any other purpose. The equipment must be returned in these bags. There is no charge for these bags, however, if a bag is lost, stolen or damaged this will result in charge for a replacement bag at the RRP.


  1. These booking conditions may only be amended by Scott or Michelle Smith. Any such amendments will only be considered in special circumstances.
  2. When making a booking, it is implied that you have accepted and understood the booking conditions. If you are making this booking on behalf of someone else you will be deemed to be accepting these terms and conditions on their behalf and will make them aware of the contents.