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Bespoke DofE Expedition Programmes

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Working together

As a DofE Leader you may have the majority or only some of your Expedition Programme in place to provide your participants with the skills, knowledge and support to give them the best chance of success on their qualifying expedition and a challenging, fun but above all safe experience. At ADTREX we completely understand the demands of running a successful expedition programme and can provide a bespoke expedition programme to cover the gaps, from running training packages, elements of training such as first aid, navigation and practice day walks to stand-alone expeditions for practice or qualifying expeditions, we can help.

If it’s a short fall on staff, we offer an Instructor Hire service, if it’s equipment you need, we have an Equipment Hire service and if it’s advice and guidance to ensure you are getting things right, we offer a Technical Support service.

We will work closely with you to provide you with the services you need to give your participants a positive, challenging and rewarding experience. Our highly experienced and qualified team have extensive knowledge of DofE expeditions and training. Our tried and tested programme trains and practices participants whilst developing their skills, knowledge and experience to a level that ensures they are fully equipped to have the best chance of success on their qualifying expedition. Throughout the training and expeditions we ensure that the service and safety provided is of the highest standard ensuring that participants have a challenging, fun and, most importantly, a safe and positive experience.

What we provide

  • Full Training Packages : As per the DofE Expedition Training Framework
  • Training elements : First aid, navigation & planning, campcraft
  • Practice day walks : Covering skills and knowledge appropriate to the level of the expedition
  • Stand-alone expeditions, practice and qualifying at all levels
  • Instructor Hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Technical Support

What's not included

  • Personal clothing and equipment
  • Transport to and from training and expedition venues
  • Personal accident and equipment insurance
  • Expedition food

What to do next?

If this all sounds good and you would like to make a booking or know more, contact us to arrange an initial planning meeting or for an informal chat.