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Staff Hire Terms & Conditions

This document sets out what you can expect from ADTREX and what your obligations are.

ADTREX accept Staff hire bookings on the following conditions;


  1. Hirer shall mean the person whose name & address appears at the top of the Hire Contract of which these terms and conditions form a part. The hirer must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Staff shall mean an appropriately qualified and experienced instructor, supervisor or/and assessor.
  3. We, Us, Our shall mean ADTREX.

Bookings, Payments, Cancellations and Rescheduling

  1. A 20% deposit of the total amount due must accompany the booking for the Staff hire booking. If sending the money by electronic bank transfer, you must pay your fees (remitter) and our fees (beneficiary). Cheques must be made payable in sterling.
  2. Deposits are non-refundable.
  3. The balance remaining after payment of the deposit is due no later than thirty (30) days before the start date of the hire dates.
  4. If the final balance is not received within this time frame, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in which case no refund will be due.
  5. A booking made after the balance due date may be accepted at the discretion of ADTREX providing that the balance is paid in full at the time of booking.
  6. Should you cancel we must be notified in writing (email is acceptable) and charges will apply. Charges are as follows;
    1. More than 30 days before the booking start date = loss of deposit.
    2. Less than 30 days before the booking start date = 50% of total cost.
    3. Less than 7 days before the booking start date = 100% of total cost.
  7. Should the Hirer wish to reschedule the booking we must be notified in writing (email is acceptable) and charges will apply. Charges are as follows;
    1. More than 30 days before the booking start date = no charge.
    2. Less than 30 days before the booking start date = 50% of total cost.
    3. Less than 7 days before the booking start date = 100% of total cost.
  8. It is unlikely that ADTREX will have to cancel the staff hire, however we reserve the right to do so.  Should we be forced to cancel due to reasons beyond our control, an alternative member of staff will be offered or a refund for provision not yet received by you will be given. This is based on a pro rata basis.
  9. Without prejudice to the above, ADTREX may in its sole and absolute discretion refund some or all of the booking price.

Financial Protection

All payments made to ADTREX are held in a trust account in order to protect client’s payments. This allows us to refund you any monies due should ADTREX become insolvent.


  1. We will provide staff who are DBS.
  2. We will not be responsible for acts or omissions of our staff that is outside the remit of the staff members  qualifications.
  3. We will not be responsible for illegal acts committed by a member of our staff during the booking.
  4. We will not be held responsible for illness, injury or death sustained during a booking unless it is a direct result of negligence by one of our staff.
  5. We will not be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of any personal property.
  6. We are insured for public liability up to £5 million. Our insurance covers all of the activities that we undertake.
  7. The Hirer will be responsible for any additional cost or out of pocket expenses incurred by our staff as a result of them fulfilling the provided job description/brief.

Our Provision

ADTREX are licensed by the DofE award as approved activity providers for the expedition section and hold an Adventure Activities Licensing Authority licence.

  1. ADTREX will provide staff that are appropriately qualified for the booked work i.e. outdoor qualifications, DofE assessor and outdoor first aid qualification etc
  2. All ADTREX staff provided are DBS checked.
  3. Staff will provide their own transport to, from and during the training or expedition.
  4. Where applicable Staff will be self-sufficient i.e. food and personal equipment including camping equipment.
  5. Staff will carry out their duties as per the agreed job description/brief provided by the hirer.
  6. Staff will conduct their duties during the agreed timings provided by the hirer.
  7. Staff are not to be used in a pastoral role, to supervise downtime activities or overnight supervision.
  8. ADTREX Staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  9. ADTREX Staff will follow and work to the relevant governing body best practice where possible.
  10. In the role of DofE supervisor/assessor ADTREX Staff will abide by ADTREX ratio guidance for the supervision and assessment of DofE teams.
  11. ADTREX Staff will not tolerate disruptive or threatening behaviour.
  12. ADTREX Staff will provide any feedback or report as requested in the job description/brief.
  13. ADTREX Staff will not follow any instruction that they feel is unsafe or outside the scope of their qualifications.

Hirer Obligations

  1. Provide ADTREX with all requested information in order to facilitate the job, this could include but is not limited to:
    1. Job description/brief
    2. Expedition/training programme
    3. Lesson plans and resources
    4. Participant details (name, eDofE number, medical and other relevant information)
    5. Routes and route cards
    6. Standard Operating Procedures
    7. Risk assessments
    8. Emergency procedures
    9. Hirer POC name and mobile number during the activity for our Staff to liaise with for the duration of the booking.
    10. Locations and timings of provision
  2. Provide all our Staff with mapping as applicable.
  3. In the case of an expedition where Staff are camping the Hirer will pay campsite fees for our Staff. ADTREX Staff are under no obligation to camp unless agreed in advance.
  4. The Hirer will not employ our Staff outside of the stated job description/brief.
  5. The Hirer will not ask/expect our Staff to commit or be party to any illegal act.


  1. These booking conditions may only be amended by Scott Smith. Any such amendments will only be considered in special circumstances.
  2. When making a booking, it is implied that you have accepted and understood the booking conditions. If you are making this booking on behalf of someone else you will be deemed to be accepting these terms and conditions on their behalf and will make them aware of the contents.