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DofE Expedition Programme Booking Terms & Conditions

This document sets out what you can expect from ADTREX and what your obligations are.
ADTREX accept bookings on the following conditions;


1.  Expedition programme shall mean DofE expedition training, expedition planning, training and practice expedition, qualifying expedition or part thereof.

2.  You shall mean the person making the booking. This person must be over 18 or the parent of the participant.

3.  Participant shall mean the person attending the expedition programme.

Bookings, Payments, Rescheduling And Cancellations

1.  A deposit of £90.00 must accompany the booking form for each member of each expedition programme. If the full amount of the expedition programme is less than £90.00 then the full amount must accompany the booking form. If sending the money by electronic bank transfer, you must pay your fees (remitter) and our fees (beneficiary). Cheques must be made payable in sterling.

2.  Deposits are non refundable.

3.  The balance remaining after payment of the deposit is due no later than forty five (45) days before the start date of the training and practice expedition.

4.  In the case where a training and practice expedition is not being booked, the remaining balance after payment of the deposit is due no later than forty five (45) days before the start date of the qualifying expedition.

5.  If the final balance is not received within this time frame, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in which case no refund will be due.

6.  Bookings made after the balance due date may be accepted at the discretion of ADTREX providing that the balance is paid in full at the time of booking.

7.  Should you cancel we must be notified in writing (email is acceptable) and charges will apply. Charges are as follows; 

1. More than 45 days before the expedition programme start date = loss of deposit.

2. Less than 45 days before expedition programme start date = 50% of total cost.

3. Less than 30 days before expedition programme start date = 100% of total cost.

8.  If you have to cancel due to medical reasons, ADTREX will require details of your reason for cancelation along with a supporting letter from a medical professional. In such cases a refund of funds may be paid excluding any reasonable costs incurred by ADTREX.

9.  It is unlikely that ADTREX will have to cancel the expedition programme, however we reserve the right to do so. For example if the minimum number for the expedition programme is not reached, we may have to cancel it. Should we be forced to cancel due to reasons beyond our control, an alternative will be offered or a refund for provision not yet received by you will be given. This is based on a pro rata basis.

10.  Every effort will be made to adhere to the published itinerary. However, due to the nature of our expedition programmes, changes may have to take place and sometimes at short notice. We will try to inform you of any such changes as soon as we know about them (such as dates and venues) but accept no liability for such changes.

11. Should you choose to reschedule your Expedition Programme or parts of, there will be a charge for this service. ADTREX will provide details of this charge on request. Any rescheduling must be agreed by ADTREX.

Force Majeure

1.  We cannot accept liability where the performance of our obligations is prevented or affected by, or you suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature whatsoever, as a result of ‘force majeure’. This means any event which we could not foresee or avoid. Such events may include war, threat of war, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, human or agricultural diseases, and all similar events outside of our control

Financial Protection

1.  All payments made to ADTREX are held in a holding account in order to protect client’s payments. This allows us to refund you any monies due should ADTREX become insolvent.

Leadership & Participant Competency

1.  Each expedition programme will be led by a qualified and suitably experienced ADTREX member of staff.

2.  The expedition programme Co-coordinator/instructor will do his / her utmost to ensure your expedition programme runs smoothly. You agree that the expedition programme Coordinator/instructor has the authority to make decisions that may affect the group or individuals and may exclude a participant from the expedition programme, this could include but is not limited to, arriving for the start of an expedition not sufficiently prepared to the point that it would be unsafe to allow the participant to undertake the expedition, if a participant acts illegally, behaves inappropriately, is disruptive or displays threatening behavior, disobeys a direct safety instruction or is in an unfit state to safely carry on with the expedition programme.

3.  A participant who chooses to leave the expedition programme or is asked to do so will not be entitled to any refund or compensation. They will be responsible for their own transport arrangements home from the expedition programme.

4.  DofE expedition programmes require participants to complete unaccompanied, self-reliant expeditions. These expeditions will be conducted under remote supervision. This means that a member of staff will not directly supervise participants at all times.

5.  In order for a participant to undertake a qualifying expedition they must have successfully completed the appropriate training and practice expeditions for the level of the DofE award they are attending. If a participant intends to complete the qualifying expedition only, ADTREX will require evidence that both training and/or practice expedition have successfully been completed before accepting a booking for a qualifying expedition.

6.  Participants completing training and practice expeditions with ADTREX must demonstrate competency in the skills and knowledge that they are taught before being recommended to move forward to a qualifying expedition. Any participant who does not demonstrate the level of necessary competency during training or practice expedition will be required to attain this before they will be recommended to attend a qualifying expedition.

7.  Participants who do not meet the DofE expedition 20 conditions will not be signed off as having successfully completed a qualifying expedition.

8.  ADTREX take no responsibility for any post expedition presentations that an individual/team are required to produce in order to complete the Expedition Section of the DofE Award.

9.  We accept no responsibility for any additional costs incurred as a result of a participant not successfully completing any part of an Expedition Programme.


1.  ADTREX will require a medical questionnaire and declaration to be completed for all participants attending an expedition programme.

2.  We may require you to obtain confirmation from a medical professional that you/the participant are fit to participate in the expedition programme you have booked.

3.  You acknowledge that we have a duty of care to all participants and our staff and ADTREX have the right to cancel your booking if we deem that you/the participant are not sufficiently fit to participate.

4.  If after you submit your medical questionnaire and declaration you have any further illnesses, injuries or come into contact with infectious diseases, it is your duty to notify ADTREX immediately.

5.  Failure to declare a medical condition, illness or injury will invalidate your booking and may result in your booking being cancelled. In such cases you will not be entitled to a refund.

Parental Consent (If Under 18)

1.  By agreeing to these conditions you authorise the expedition programme Co-ordinator/instructor to take emergency decisions on your behalf, including the giving of permission for medical treatment on the advice of the medical authorities present having taken the medical information provided by you into account.

2.  By agreeing to these conditions, you give your consent for us to take and use photographs/videos of your son/daughter/ward during the expedition programme/training which may then be used for publicity purposes.


1.  Our expedition programmes involve participants being unaccompanied for the majority of the time during the expeditions. During these times supervision of the participants is done remotely. This means that participants will not always be with an adult. We will not be responsible for any acts or omissions of a participant during these times that results in complaints or a criminal act being committed.

2.  We will not be held responsible for illness, injury or death sustained on one of our expedition programmes unless it is a direct result of negligence by one of our staff.

3.  We will not be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of any personal property.

4.  We advise you to have personal accident insurance for all of the activities listed in the Expedition Programme.

DofE provides limited personal accident cover for participants’

We strongly advise you to take out personal insurance for you/the participant in the event of cancellation and cover for personal equipment during the expedition programme.

5.  We are insured for public liability up to £5 million. Our insurance covers all of the activities that we undertake.


1.  These booking conditions may only be amended by Scott Smith. Any such amendments will only be considered in special circumstances.

2.  When making a booking, it is implied that you have accepted and understood the booking conditions. If you are making this booking on behalf of someone else you will be deemed to be accepting these terms and conditions on their behalf and will make them aware of the contents.