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Our Silver DofE Open Expedition Programme is designed to allow individuals and groups that for whatever reason can’t attend the expedition programme being run by their school or group to complete the expedition section with other likeminded young people.

Working together

Our Silver DofE Open Expedition Programme is designed to allow individuals and groups that for whatever reason can’t attend the expedition programme being run by their school or group to complete their expedition section. Joining other likeminded young people you will become a team, training, planning, practicing and then undertaking your qualifying expedition together. Our team of friendly staff will work with you and your team taking you through each stage of our tried and tested programme ensuring you are fully equipped to have the best chance of success on your qualifying expedition. Throughout the training and expeditions we are always striving to ensure that the service and safety that we provide is of the highest standard. This all ensures that you and your team have a challenging, fun but most importantly a safe and positive experience.

Programme Content

Our systematic, progressive programme of training, planning, practice and qualifying expeditions is tried and tested to prepare you and your team for success.

Training & Planning

Duration: 2 Days
Location: Kent

During this initial stage of the programme our experienced and qualified staff provide you with all of the training, knowledge and top tips to arrive on your training and practice expedition.

Training & Practice Expedition 

Duration: 3 Days
Location: Kent Downs

During the training and practice expedition you and your team gain further knowledge and training to fully prepare you to complete an unaccompanied self-sufficient practice expedition. On day one you and your team are eased into the challenges of expedition life spending the day with one of our experienced and qualified staff learning and developing the practical expedition skills to allow you to go on to complete a 2 day unaccompanied self-sufficient practice expedition. You and your team will take ownership of your practice expedition but we will be monitoring your progress via satellite tracking and our staff will meet your team along the way to check everything is going ok and be on hand should you and your team need assistance.

Qualifying Expedition

Duration: 3 Days
Location: New Forest

On arrival you are met by your assessor and expedition supervisor who will then spend time working with you and your team to ensure you are ready to undertake your qualifying venture. safety, routes, equipment and emergency procedures are discussed and checked before you then begin your expedition. As per DofE rules and 20 conditions you and your team must be self-sufficient during the expedition however we will be monitoring the your teams progress via satellite tracking as well as our supervisors and assessors being on the ground meeting the team as required to ensure safety and wellbeing as well as being available if you and your team require assistance.

At all stages of the training, planning, practice and qualifying expeditions you and your team will receive a 1 to 1 review with your trainer, supervisor and assessor so as to keep you on track.

Don’t need a full programme? If you only require part of a programme please contact us for a chat.

What's Included

  • Participant Expedition Programme Information Pack (kit list, guidance & advice)
  • Training and planning – 2 days
  • Training and practice expedition – 3 days
  • Qualifying expedition – 3 days
  • Qualified and experienced instructors for training
  • Qualified and experienced supervisors and assessors on expedition
  • Satellite tracking of teams (SPOT)
  • Campsite fees
  • Use of our high quality team equipment: tents, gas trangia stoves, stove fuel, waterproof maps, compasses, first aid kits, high visibility vests and rucksack covers
  • Post training and expedition review with you and your team
  • Assessment report completed and uploaded directly to your DofE account

What's Not Included

  • Personal clothing and equipment
  • Transport to and from training and expedition venues
  • Personal accident and equipment insurance
  • Expedition food


Training & Planning: TBC

Training & Practice Expedition: TBC

Qualifying Expedition: TBC


£320.00 + VAT per person

What To Do Next?

If this all sounds good and you would like to make a booking or know more, contact us for a booking form or to have an informal chat.